Images and Thought: Sketchbook Two / by Ian Schmidt

Progression takes time and the costly aspects of my craft demand planning. These posts I believe show what is at time both the beginning, middle, and end of realizing a final object. I use my sketchbook to jot down ideas quickly as well as images that sometimes come to me or that I notice. I find my mind working as a scrapbook enthusiast would tear out pages or cut out images. Objects, textures, images find their way into my notes and will at times stay there for quite some time before every making it into anything I do. Lately I have actually been moving my work towards something different. Using mathematical proofs or physics models I have been interested in the representation of scientific ideas. “From Earth to the Moon” is a quick idea of a model that simple shows the distance between the Earth and the Moon, it also shows the path astronauts took going to and from the moon. The written words in my notebook are at times very private and are meant only for me. But what comes out of them often leads to the statements I use for my work, communicating the ideas to myself often helps with the progression of an idea. As well as the finalization of a piece, in a way it ends the process for me and helps to move on. I often compare glass blowing to a mathematical process: there are formulas to make-work and the creativity with in this process is your ability to mix and match the formulas to realize something new. For me this helps with the over whelming history of glass as it can be daunting to look back and not find something similar to the glass work you are making currently. From drawing on paper to modeling the piece in the shop, these are all tools any glass blower uses to develop both an identity as an artist as well as individual concepts.