Complex Curves

What has always inspired me about glass is its ability to develop in complexity the more you learn the material. These works came out of designs that I saw first in a group of architectural drawings known as the Archigram. This collection of drawings were architects attempting to look at the future of architecture through abstracted drawings. Complex Curves began as a way to look at what the material was capable of doing and how could I make works that express an architectural structure that also had a feeling of impossibility about it. Much of my work at this time has been attempting to look at the model and how when constructing the built world we can use a model to put forth our best aspirations. The images in the Archigram that most struck me were the inflatable architecture models. These were quick inflatable structures that could be made into shapes that would allow for very different forms. I began this work in 2013 and continued through 2014 continuing to revisit the series from time to time.